Brain stem cancer Research

We are proud to support the research and fight against brain stem cancer. Brain stem cancer is rare, affecting just 1 in 250,000 children, and its rarity means that it is not interesting for the pharmaceutical industry to support scientific research into the disease. Unfortunately this means that in the Netherlands, every two to three weeks a child dies due to brain stem cancer.  In the US, almost every day a child dies due to DIPG.


At an auction to support this great cause, we have recruited the officially shirt of the match Netherlands – Luxembourg November 17, 2007 of the Dutch International Soccer Player John Heitinga. This shirt contains 19 signatures of almost all players of the selection and staff. After this match The Netherlands were qualified for the EK2008.

In the near future, we will have this shirt auctioned again for a good cause!



Ride for A Lifetime
Two Dutch fathers, living in Finland who have lost their child to cancer, will be making a trip by Cargo Bike from Holland to Finland. The profit they collect from sponsors or donations will go entirely to these 2 foundations. They’ll leave 28.6.14 from Zoetermeer, Hollamd and hopefully arrive 12.7.14 in Helsinki, Finland. We support these two heroes!