Welcome at 13VentureCapital

At 13VentureCapital, we are open for all ideas, companies and ventures!

We can work with you whether you need €5,000 to test an idea, or up to €250,000 to set up a business or support entrepreneurs in realising their growth ambition.

We handle all our investments directly on line. So Quick lines – No Banks & Proofed by our own people. We take the risk! So No time-consuming procedures.

Uncertainty, financial burdens and resourcing issues pose challenges
for new entrepreneurs that must be overcome when starting up
and growing a business.
Innovation is rapidly becoming global, products are becoming
increasingly complex and innovation cycles are much
shorter and faster.
We offer support tools that have been specifically designed
to help entrepreneurs successfully start or expand
their business.
Innovation 90%
Commercialization 80%
Support 95%
Return on Investment 100%
At 13VentureCapital, we invest in great ideas and great ventures. Many new promising ideas are coming our way. We prefer to invest in those ideas and companies with a healthy disregard for the impossible. It keeps us hungry enough to constantly search for new talents with promising business ideas. Read more…
When we, 13VentureCapital, receive a business plan, we ask ourselves two things. First, does the idea have the potential to grow fast into a successful business? Second, do the founders have the qualifications and passion to embark on such a journey of growth? Read more…
One of our values is to provide support tools along with financing to starting or existing entrepreneurs provided they have a viable business plan. Clients with a sound business plan may still be able to obtain a funding even if they were unable to secure financing through regular channels. Read more…